Saturday, April 10, 2010

Date Night w/ Madison

Eating his GO-URT!

Another hobby p has picked up this spring is tennis. Him and Heith (his brother) pretty much think they are PROS. On Wednesday night they had a date to play but Aimee (our sister in law) was out of town. I volunteered to keep Madison and we had a BLAST! He is one of the sweetest little boys. I am officially known as “Uncle Tarayn”. I love it! As long as he calls me, who cares? We played trains, colored, made Spiderman Mac-n-cheese while watching Spiderman. We even rode pretend motorcycles in the house! I’m pretty sure he enjoyed the dinner! Aimee said he was still talking about everything we did together two days later when she returned! I hope Madison chooses me as a babysitter (playmate) the next time the guys play tennis.

Eating his spiderman mac-n-cheese

I have the cutest nephew! And he loves me! :)
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