Thursday, September 9, 2010

Welcome to the world!

Another presh-ious baby was welcomed into the world yesterday! My best friend, Kristen was a trooper. London arrived at 2:08 p.m. and weighed 8 lbs and was 21 inches.

I can't wait to get my hands on this little one today! She is def going to change my life! :)

“Every good and perfect gift is from above.” – James 1:17


This was a few weeks ago...

A view of the kitchen...look back at this post when I was envisioning my kitchen and tell me I'm not good! :)

p.s. the door will be stained the color of the floors

Pretty close, huh?

My cabinet in the master bath
 Wish I could have afforded White Carrera Marble everywhere! :)

It's coming along great!! We are planning to move next Thursday. Please join us in praying for smooth inspections, good weather, safety and health for all the workers involved.

Our Own Personal Private Swimming Pool

This isn't the best photo but here's my personal swimming pool!

I enjoy taking baths (ask the water company and my husband) and who to remember that better than my dad! I def take after my mom in this department. Go ahead--say I'm gross, ask if I wash my hair in the bathwater and make fun of my hair stick to the side when I drain the tub (my bf Kristen is GUILTY). :)

I know someone else who may end up liking the tub too?! He He!!! Paul is getting a TV in the bathroom--YES, I am going to regret this later for any of you that know how much my husband watches TV.

p.s. I had to invest in a pretty cute shade for this masive window!!! I'll post a pic when it's installed!

House update: Fireplace (delayed)

Our new fireplace!

I LOVE making old things NEW again! One of my fav bricks is the Old Bessemer Grays found in Mountain Brook, Vestavia and Homewood. I can spot them a mile away! When my dad was build their "newest" homelast year they decided on Old Reds for the exterior and these Old Bessemer Grays for the fireplace. So, when asked I of course wanted the scraps---He was generous enough to share with me.

Here's a link to a company in Birmingham that salvages wood, bricks and metal from old mills and other structures across the Southeast.

Pretty Cool!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Great find!

As some of you know we have officially reached SINGLE DIGITS! We are 8 days away from closing on our new house! (I have some updating to do on the house) :)

I've been on a treacherous hunt to find curtains for my dining room the past few weeks! I need something with a lining since the sun bears down on the front of the house. I also have to find something reasonably priced since my window is 120 x 108!!! OUCH! I've mentioned At Home (located in Homewood) several times--my fav place to shop for home goods i.e. curtains, candles, aprons, light fixtures and gifts. They always have a great selection but in this case it's going to be too expensive.

Here's some I REALLY like!


Today I ran across a website with some GREAT prices! I want to share this link with you guys if you are interested in Linen products! The customer service people were super! They are sending me some samples so I'll let you know how it ends up!

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