Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Having Fun....

Check out my friend Meghan's blog for some cutie pics of us having fun...

House Update 7.21.2010

We officially have sheetrock and should start painting next week after it's trimmed!

Paul daydreaming about watching tv in our living room

My office A.K.A The Kitchen

The hardwoods were delivered yesterday to get acclimated to their new home.

Our cedar beam that's going over our fireplace

Our new deck! Lollie and Weebs will love their view of the woods--so serene!
12 weeks and counting...we have about 7 weeks left at my parents.
Life is good but we are ready to have our "stuff" back and our own place to crash!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Contribution...

I mentioned in the previous post that I was recently on the Emerald Coast so I want to give a shout out to the World's Most Beautiful Beaches! If you are from the South I'm sure you know those crystal clear waters and sugar white sand beaches. You've probably spent your share of summers driving the 265 miles down 331 from Birmingham. Since the BP Oil Crisis started there has been no shortage of media coverage but from what I saw there are no oil ridden beaches and plenty of sunbathers and fishermen with a paradise beyond words!

These unspoiled surroundings foster life-long memories of family vacations designed to reflect a simpler time!
I grew up spending just about every weekend (aside from Alabama Football season) at the beach from the time I was 12 until I got married almost 4 years ago. It was more than a way of life, it was a way of living!

Since the beach held so many memories it was the first place I thought of when Paul and I started to plan our wedding. It was the fairytale setting I had always dreamed of celebrating My Wedding Day!

There is no oil, no tar balls, in fact the only tar I saw was a cigarette someone put out in the sand. :(

Do me a favor turn off the T.V. and go see for yourself!

Paradise, Friends & Food

Last weekend we packed up and headed to Destin with some of our friends, John and Lori Macomber and Jeff and Kelli Bollman. Paul and I had lots of fun to look forward to with these fun, loving couples!

Lori, Kelli and I headed down earlier in the day to hang out and go grocery shopping for the 3 days we would be staying. :)

As you can tell it started with lots of fun and food at the grocery store.

The guys were exhausted after an early morning of fishing! They actually did a lot of fishing over the time we were there. Too bad they couldn't provide dinner one night!
Instead we headed out to Baytown one night and ate at the delicious Poppy's!
Paul and I both had lobster and enjoyed playing with our food!

On Sunday we headed to Seaside for an afternoon of shopping!
No Tar Balls in sight!

For all my sewing friends out there I would LOVE to make this for my hope chest! I just LOVED it! Looks like a pretty easy project, huh?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

House Update 7.15.2010

Before I freak some of you out...Let me explain!

I recently saw this picture in a magazine and instantly fell in love with this color. As my sister in law said, "Well, if anyone could pull it off, you could." Well, I have decided (along with coercing Paul) to paint my side of the closet and the entry of the guest bath this fab pink. 

Doesn't it just remind you of your childhood? I feel like digging out my Barbie's and hot pink corvettes! Wanna Play?

For you peeps who couldn't pull this off you will be happy to know I am leaning towards a VERY soft grey to compliment my cabinets.

Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers

My advice to anyone interested in a "true" gray is to stick to green based and brown based even if you're trying to avoid the taupe look.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

House Update 7.8.2010

Here she is...

Sitting pretty...everything is moving right along on the construction of our new home. I still can't believe Paul and I are buying our 4th house together. Yes, I did say our 4th home. We can't stay in any one place too long, someone may find us! Ha! No really...we are so blessed to have such a nice place to call home. We intend to stay here and fill it up with little Comer's. :)

Sheetrock was delivered last will be ready for paint before you know it!

Over the past week I have been researching light fixtures online, while at the beach and around town at a few antique stores. I went back to At Home and they had EXACTLY what I was looking for...You know me always ahead of the trends! Ha! I had found a few online that I shared in my last blog (check those out here)

I took a picture of two of my fav's

The one above will go in the kitchen area

I picked this one out for our Master Bath...I guess I can enjoy while I'm swimming in my tub (aka my 86" baby swimming pool).

We are enjoying the process even though my dad is killing himself to get us out of the house.

Next things to check off the list...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

House Update 7.1.2010

The house is progressing nicely! We should be wrapping up the brick this week and moving on to sheet rock late next week after the insulation is blown in and we pass the electrical inspection.
Next on my list is to start researching my lighting---

I've found a few "special" ones on the web that I have in mind for the foyer, dining, kitchen and living.

I really LOVE these Wine Barrel Chandeliers--let me know if you've seen any around town.

Similar, huh? I found the first one the internet and love, love it but it's a bit pricey! :) The more affordable option is below that, I found it in Homewood at At Home.

These are pretty too! Also found at At Home (one of my fav places)

Well, it looks like I'll be making a few purchases at At Home in the next couple of weeks. I would appreciate your help if you've seen anything you think I would like around town. I'm always up for shopping!

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