Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paradise, Friends & Food

Last weekend we packed up and headed to Destin with some of our friends, John and Lori Macomber and Jeff and Kelli Bollman. Paul and I had lots of fun to look forward to with these fun, loving couples!

Lori, Kelli and I headed down earlier in the day to hang out and go grocery shopping for the 3 days we would be staying. :)

As you can tell it started with lots of fun and food at the grocery store.

The guys were exhausted after an early morning of fishing! They actually did a lot of fishing over the time we were there. Too bad they couldn't provide dinner one night!
Instead we headed out to Baytown one night and ate at the delicious Poppy's!
Paul and I both had lobster and enjoyed playing with our food!

On Sunday we headed to Seaside for an afternoon of shopping!
No Tar Balls in sight!

For all my sewing friends out there I would LOVE to make this for my hope chest! I just LOVED it! Looks like a pretty easy project, huh?

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