Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Great find!

As some of you know we have officially reached SINGLE DIGITS! We are 8 days away from closing on our new house! (I have some updating to do on the house) :)

I've been on a treacherous hunt to find curtains for my dining room the past few weeks! I need something with a lining since the sun bears down on the front of the house. I also have to find something reasonably priced since my window is 120 x 108!!! OUCH! I've mentioned At Home (located in Homewood) several times--my fav place to shop for home goods i.e. curtains, candles, aprons, light fixtures and gifts. They always have a great selection but in this case it's going to be too expensive.

Here's some I REALLY like!


Today I ran across a website with some GREAT prices! I want to share this link with you guys if you are interested in Linen products! The customer service people were super! They are sending me some samples so I'll let you know how it ends up!



The Cosby's said...

I have been searching for curtains for our dining room too! And ours is 100+x108 so it has been difficult but I bought some from last week. The lady I work with sews and says they are very good quality for the price. I have them in hand but not hung yet. I am going to check out this site you posted too in case these don't work.

Tarayn Comer said...

I keep you posted on the sample! I'm praying it's EXACTLY what I want!!!

P.S. Windows are too $$$

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