Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Practice makes Perfect

Baby Kyle is growing like a little weed and is 16 weeks old. A couple of weeks ago I got to spend some valuable time "Practicing" on that booger. He just let me love on him and love some more. I went over to Aunt Tonya's one morning while she was keeping him and snatched him from my mom who was there also.
He was so sweet and let me first feed him 12 ounces of formula. I burped him twice while feeding and he loved me. His Aunt Tarayn was loving it and hogging him up!

After feeding him I noticed he had had a wet diaper (No, it was not a #2 diaper) and attempted to put a new diaper on him. I have a confession...this was my FIRST time changing a diaper. It went well even though he got a little fussy with me because I was not as quick as his mommy.

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