Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mom’s 50th and Adrian 22nd

On Saturday we celebrated my mom’s 50th bday and my cousin celebrating her 22nd bday! Dad and I really wanted to surprise mom by having some friends and family over to cook out and enjoy some fabulous burgers and desserts! Wait, how will we ever pull this off? I was really concerned with how she would feel if people came over without her cleaning. So, I recruited my two aunts and got everyone on board to keep the secret. I met mom and dad around lunch to pick up mom. Of course I had a list a mile long to keep us busy ALL day! I really didn’t want to run out of things to distract her with. So we went shopping! What mom and I do best- especially together.  She taught me SO well!

Showing off her New Hat!

Kendall 7 going on 50! :) Red Hat Society for LIFE!

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