Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy 28th Birthday to Me!!! Paul asked me what I wanted for my b'day and I got EXACTLY what I wanted! Hehe! For some of you this might not mean anything but I was stoked to get out on the beach this time of year and relax with my cute husband. As you can tell below we have a lot of fun together, that is when he's not working hard!

Paul giving us his "chin down" pose

I'm sure I had just told my photographer (aka my mom) how she couldn't work the camera. :) Looks like she figured it out pretty quickly!

Lots of love from P!

Laughing at P b/c he HATES this so bad!

I'm sure he was reminding me how much fun he was having.

Destin, FL 2011

Bear hugs are the best!

About the time he called me a "FEATHER" BAHAHAHA!

Feather attempt # 2

Feather attempt #3

Feathered out!


The Regal Pup said...

Happy Birthday! The pics turned out so good!

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Your mom is a pro photographer! So glad you had a wonderful birthday!!!

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