Monday, January 25, 2010

The Newest Comer

Let me rewind you to our lives before Lollipop "Lollie" Comer. REWINDING.....

On December 21, 2009 my father aka "Santa Clause" proceeds to call my husband and ask him if he could get us a new puppy for Christmas. Don't forget we have a 12 year old, 4 pound Yorkie that's a senior citizen who takes multiple medications a day. Not to mention the craziness that went on with Weebles over the last year and a half (if you don't know or need a refresher I'm referring to his 3 day disappearance and his emergency room visit).

I should note my husband didn't grow up with an animal. Well, let me take that back he had a hamster named MAX for about 4 months before he either starved it to death or he died of heat exhaustion. This will explain why Paul and my dad think this is the best idea EVER!

A. My husband never had a puppy to clean up after or listen to it bark for many hours in its crate.

B. My dad is disgustingly obsessed with his 2 year old Yorkie…she sleeps under the covers with him. :) You’re welcome dad!

Fast forward 1 month and here we are today! Lollie is a loving, hyper, licking, tee teeing 5 month old puppy. Paul’s had his fair share of cleaning up tee tee and poop, bathing a puppy scared to death we are going to drown her, dolling her up in cute clothes, dragging her on a leash, etc.

Btw…she is so cute and we are adjusting well! This morning she discovered her reflection in the shower door and started barking. It was so cute!!

I am publicly going to admit she is preparing Paul and me for parenthood.

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