Monday, June 28, 2010

Baby Bucket List

Hasn't everyone had even just a few things that they waited, or will wait, to have kids for? Or am I just a dreamer...?

Baby fever is a REALITY in my world partly because my BFF is pregnant!! I'm so excited for her!
I'm all about pressuring myself about having kids....seriously...So, I am OFFICIALLY sharing my
"Baby Bucket List" with you guys:

couple's small group
small group w/women
run the Mercedes 1/2 marathon finished 2:36 on 2/14/2010 
Health Insurance for baby
Paul & I attend a marriage conf. at church
join coth (church of the highlands)
Goal weight (5 more pounds)
baby fund (started)
new vehicle (Dec. 2010)
baby hope chest (started)
spend 17 weeks at my parents building a new home: we've made it halfway!
Italy fund (started)

italics = In progress!

I've told only a small handful of people about my Baby Bucket List, because I usually get a snort and a comment like oh you don't need to do all that before having kids. I'm not sure if I don't like hearing that because they're right, or if it's because I don't like being told I shouldn't do something.

I know not everyone does it like this, and most people don't put off having kids until they've checked things off their list...but its ok that I do it, right?


The Cosby's said...

Although we don't actually have a written list, we do have things mentally we "want" before we have a baby. No judgement here.

paulandsarah said...

Girl you go for it because then you will we wondering what if. But also if you wait for the right time... there will never be one. The weight thing is good... I was all about the gym before getting pregnant and then I was sick for 12 weeks and all the hard work was lost so the better shape you are in before getting pregnant the better off you will be to bouncing back after....

Anonymous said...

Over halfway there on the baby list!! So excited! Don't get in a hurry, can always wait on us :)!!!

paul & tarayn said...

If only there was a prefect time! :)

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