Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Third Saturday in October

My favorite time of the year has quickly approached us! Have I mentioned I LOVE football? Well, seriously if I haven't then you may have missed out on one of the most interesting things about me! 

What makes me tick?

a. God
b. Family, Friends, Football & Fellowship
c. Eating good food, Cooking
d. Shopping & Dressing well

Onward to the topic of my Blog post...Third Saturday in October.

If you google Third Saturday in October you'll actually find a wikipedia definition. Even though the game has only fallen on that weekend 5 times since the '92 season. For the last 22 years (at least) it's been a family tradition to head up to Gatlinburg for the weekend to watch the Crimson Tide slaughter the Tennessee Vols.   On Saturday we make the drive from G'burg to Knoxville and cheer on the Tide.

This year makes #5 that Paul & I have made the trip with my parents. It was like no other this year... Friday night we ate at The Peddler and if you've not been here it's AWESOME! I recommend the ENORMOUS salad bar if you are not starving. For the men or starving women the Peddler comes to take your order and cuts your meat tableside.   

This year was a little different... Paul didn't meet mom, dad and I until Friday night.

We had FUN in the meantime!

Zip lining was an adventure! It's a bit hard to explain the experience but I would totally do it again!  

Oldies but goodies! Our first trip to Knoxville together 2002

BAHAHAHA! Paul looks so mean! :)

The Carter Family + Paul looking excited!

G'BURG 2004 (I've already added these to the embarassing folder) :)

 I'm sure we are making fun... too bad we look AWFUL!

You're welcome! I'm sure you've burned off some calories. Go have a cupcake!

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