Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Makes me Smile

Lollie has been such a blessing to me since Weebs passed away back in December. My heart has grown fond of her and I really don't know if I could have handled Weebs passing if she wasn't in our lives. I know this is awful to admit but she was/is such a puppy--ya, know? Not potty trained, barking, always ready to play, never ready to sleep...etc. For all you out there about to say something STOP because I hear you!  :) I was accustomed to lifeless Weebles who slept all day and paced around my feet until I was ready to sit down or his hind legs just gave out. Whichever it is Lollie is preparing us for a little Comer!  

God. Blessed. Me. With. Amazing. Parents.
This pretty much is summed up in one sentence.

I heart the beach--and anything white, turquoise, or a shade of blue. This picture was taken last summer when I vacayed with my mom, aunt and cousins. Kyle is saying, "Arms up for the Beach" or Aunt T! hmmm...not sure which one this was.

This picture is so serene and calming! Our Wedding Day, Sept. 24, 2006! What a special day this is to us--I can't beleive it's going to be FIVE years soon. Wonder if P has big plans? ha!

Well, if you couldn't tell I <3 sweets and pretty much any other food. I'm a Foodie! Or am I a junk foodie? This tee shirt says it all! Cupcakes Make People Happy!

Such a sweet princess! Lillian has our HEART! This special little girl is some of our dear friends daughter who we may have a kid crush on--is that a for real syndrome? I'll Google it! Paul already has her "hooked"!

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Anonymous said...

YOU make me smile! You're just the cutest! Love you!

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