Friday, March 11, 2011

Bridal Tea

My beautiful cousin, Heather is getting married April 30th and my mom and I were thrilled to host her a Bridal Tea this past Sunday at my home. We went into it wanting a whimsical, girly and elegant look! I think we achieved our goal! Please share what you think!  

These cupcakes were divine! And that butter creme icing (coming to a blog near you soon)-OH MY!

This is the best smelling candle--thank you, At Home.


The yummiest cheese ball!
It was moist and had the perfect amount of kick.

Frilly cupcakes = so yummy!

Heather & Ben were blessed with many beautiful gifts from friends and family.

The bride and her Granny!

A tribute to the bride!

Thanks for viewing! I'll be blogging the recipes next week so stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

So many pretties!!! Love the cupcakes...can't wait for the recipe!! :)

Kim said...

wow! the cupcakes look great!!i have a whole new respect for cupcakes

Kim said...

dont know if you know this or not but back when granny was growing up you did not smile for the camera.not sure why .granny really did have a good time.she told me she didnt want to go home.

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