Friday, March 25, 2011

Gone fishing...

Red Fish Special

As the majority of you know my husband's favorite past time is FISHING! He truly loves to spend his free time floating around hunting fish! I've figured out over the last 10 years that hunting IS like shopping for a female. Really, you say! Actually, you know that feeling you get when you either find a STEAL or SPLURGE on something you've been dying to have?? Well, I've experienced "that" feeling on multiple occasions. You may stop diagnosing me now. Ok, thanks! And by the way couponing is a great way to experience that "get in your car and scream feeling", too!!!

Paul's favorite place to fish is Louisiana because the Reds are easier to locate. (?)

He's sharing this recipe with you guys so don't tell anyone, ok? I believe it's a secret! :)

2 large filets of Red Fish, or any white, flaky fish
squirt of lemon
dash of salt and pepper
your favorite cajun seasoning, we like Tony's

You can grill, bake or sear to your liking!

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